Fire Damage & Flood Restoration Auckland

For all flood restoration we provide a 24/7 emergency services.

Please call 0800 326 723 if you require immediate assistance.

Flood Restoration

Carpet Brite can provide a comprehensive flood restoration service in the event of flood or water damage. We are here to assist you throughout the entire process; from assessing damage right through to completing all necessary work in order to restore the carpet/flooring to their pre-damaged condition. We also provide detailed reports to support insurance claims.

All our technicians use the latest techniques to ensure the most effective results and comprehensive solutions to manage each situation. Our aim is to have homes or businesses restored and returning to normal operations as quickly as possible to minimise negative impacts from the damage.

To ensure the best results it is essential to start the restoration process immediately to avoid further damage. That is why we treat our clients affected by flood and water damage with priority, attending the property at your earliest convenience or within 2 hours of receiving the call. Flood equipment is retained in our company vehicles and at our factory. Our factory is equipped with drying racks all ready to hang and dry the carpets, if necessary. We have many professional carpet laying contractors ready to lay your carpet.

There are a number of ways to restore carpet. At Carpet Brite we use either the ‘top down’ method using drying machinery such as Dehumidifiers and Air movers on site, or the ‘uplifting’ method which requires uplifting carpet and damaged underlay.

Flood Restoration Auckland

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can be devastating and destroys everything in its path. Leaving homes and businesses devastated, and worse can cause serious harm. After the fire has been put out, we are one of the first companies called in to clean and remove damaged building material and objects. We clean and also store personal belongings, removing any black residue and smoke smells. From rubbish removal, ceiling washing, water blasting ,steam cleaning and ozone treatments we cover it all.

Fire Damage Restoration Auckland